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Permeable paving is a popular solution for driveways, courtyards, pathways and even spa pools.

Unlike traditional asphalt or concrete, permeable paving is porous; it allows water to run through it rather than pool on top or run off.

Key Benefits

  • Permeable - free draining

  • Easy to install – ideal for home DIY

  • Cost effective

  • Flexible – can be moved and reinstalled

Range of options:

  • SmartPave

  • SurePave

  • Jakmat

  • TurfXD

  • Turf block (Concrete)

See for details and pricing

The finished surface is suitable for vehicles, bikes, walkers and mobility scooters.

The Garden Box team are able to provide a quote for all the materials required to lay permeable paving or we can organise for it to be installed.

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