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Stabilises paths, patios and driveways

  • 100% recycled, 100% recyclable

  • Easy DIY installation

  • Porous and free draining

SmartPave Metro is a residential grade of permeable paving to stabilise decorative stones. Perfect for lighter traffic areas, entranceway’s, patios, paths, courtyards.

Honeycomb cell design with geotextile base ensures the panels stay buried, preventing stones moving while creating a flat, firm pavement ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and lighter vehicles.


  • 1.176 x 1.528 (1.8m3)  - $60 sheet

  • 0.392 x 0.764 (0.3m3)  - $10 sheet

More Info & Installation Guide

SUREPAVE (Black & White)

Ideal solution for reinforcing grass or gravel in highly stressed areas, vehicle parking, driveways, or hard stand areas for boats, trailers or caravans:
  • 100% recycled, 100% recyclable
  • Panels interlock securely to reduce long-term creep
  • Porous and free draining
  • Able to withstand 700 tonnes per m2 when filled
The robust cellular design of SurePave offers a perfect paving alternative to concrete while still maintaining all the benefits of a hard pavement.
Porous and free draining SurePave allows water to be absorbed easily creating a safe and functional surface that is natural and attractive.


  • 814mm x 612mm (0.5m3)  $21 ea


More Info
Installation Guide Gravel
Installation Guide Grass

JakMat Geocell (400 x 585 x 43mm)

Why consider JakMat:
  • JakMat’s nesting and stackable design, as well as its light weight keep transport cost & effort low.  
  • One pallet of JakMat allows you to cover a surface area equivalent to 7 heavy pallets of concrete pavers (45m2)
  • Easily handled and cut to size with standard hand & power tools
  • Variable in design due to different filling & shaping possibilities
The JakMat products main benefits are:
  • Design incorporates a strong honeycomb cell structure with an interlocking mat feature giving inherent stability and strength
  • Produced from recycled and UV stabilized plastic resulting in an environmentally sustainable and long lasting product
  • Easy to install and cost effective against alternatives
  • Reduced maintenance (maintenance costs) associated with traffic/people/animal wear and tear and surface material replacement


  • 400 x 585 x 43mm  $12.95 ea

Installation Guide

Farm Grade - Natural Paving

(0.8m x 1.15m Panel 0.96m2)

Mat Size/weight:

  • 1.2m x 0.8m (0.96m2) / 5 kg per mat


Cell Size:

  • 65mm dia x 45mm depth x 3mm wall thickness


  • Dark green


Max slope with:

  • Crushed gravel 1 in 6 or 9.5 Degrees 


  • 800 x 1150 x 45mm  $25.00 ea  (Normally $56.50)