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FEATURED PRODUCT: NZLA Wetter – Protect your lawn from the big dry!

NZLA Wetter Liquid and Granular.

With extreme dry weather predicted this summer – NZLA recommend the early application of “Wetter” to your lawn.

NZLA WETTER prolongs turf health and vigour, ensures efficient water use and reduces the volume of irrigation required. It’s specifically designed for use where watering restrictions are in place. Research has shown that turf treated with NZLA WETTER can retain up to five times the normal amount of moisture held in the root zone.

Directions of use: LIQUID: For preventative treatment for moisture loss in turf, apply 250ml/5-10L of water per 100m2. The maximum benefit from NZLA WETTER will be achieved by washing into the root zone with 15-20mm of irrigation or rainfall within 24 hours. Irrigate turf every 7-14 days or as required.

🏷️ 1 ltr pack – $42.50 🏷️ 5 ltr pack - $169.50

GRANULAR: Application rate: 1.5kg per 100m2 monthly or up to 3.3kg per 100m2 for a season long (10-12 week) application. Does not require irrigation after application as rain and normal irrigation is sufficient.

🏷️ 4.5kg Granular - $70

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