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LANDSCAPE LOCK - locks mulch in place - its a 'Hairspray' for mulch!

  • Protects mulch from wind, rain, erosion, blowers and mowers

  • Use around planting beds, trees, pathways, borders and driveways

  • Allows water to permeate to soil

  • Blocks UV light and prevents colour fading 

  • Secures mulch to sloping ground


Garden Box is proud to be the exclusive stockist in Christchurch.

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Landscape Lock is a white coloured, powerful adhesive that dries to a transparent flexible film, that’s water proof and blocks UV light.


Diluted with water, the emulsion sprays easily to bind mulch particles together, sealing pores and cracks preventing degradation, colour fading and microbial rotting.


The initial white colour indicates the area sprayed and the level of coverage can be easily assessed. Edges of beds should have more product applied than the centre of the bed.

Product Description
Concentrated formula - Dilute with water


  • 2 Litres ($49.95)  - stabilize between 20 to 40m2 

  • 5 Litres ($89.95)  - stabilize between 50 to 100m2

  • 20 Litres ($289.95) - stabilize between 80 to 160m2


Mix Landscape Lock with water in a spray bottle (not included). Mix well and spray onto DRY mulch. Allow to set undisturbed for 24 hours.


Do not use if rain is likely within 24 hours. Do not irrigate or water for 24 hours after application. Avoid walking on or disturbing the mulch after application.


Clean equipment immediately after use


For extended guide, see instruction pages below:

  • How long does Landscape Lock Last?
    Landscape Lock will bond and protect mulch for up to 12 months, dependent upon the thickness of the initial coat, the size of the substrate particles, the local ambient weather conditions and correct application.
  • Is Landscape Lock safe for pets and children?
    Landscape Lock contains no harmful chemicals and once set after proper application it forms a non- toxic, biodegradable film.
  • Is Landscape Lock safe for Plants?
    Whilst care should be taken when applying Landscape Lock, accidental contact with adjacent plants will not harm them. However leaves that become coated with Landscape Lock will have restricted respiration and should have any excessive coating of Landscape Lock rinsed off with fresh water before it sets.
  • How will Landscape Lock save me money and time?
    Landscape Lock extends the life of your mulch so that you will not have to replace it as often. It does this by sealing the outer surface - the pores and cracks in the mulch, preventing water from entering. It also contains UV light blocking agents which prevent the mulch being photo-degraded. Without water or UV light the molecules making up the body of the mulch cannot be hydrolysed which is the first stage of biodegradation. The UV light blocking facility of Landscape Lock ensures that your mulch colour does not fade as quickly and your garden looks fresh and well maintained for a longer time.
  • Can I use a garden blower with Landscape Lock?
    Once Landscape Lock has fully cured and has bonded the mulch particles together, leaves or other debris falling on the mulch may be blown away using a garden blower. Hold the blower away from the mulch an appropriate distance to suit the level of bond in the mulch and the power of the blower. This is a massive time saver ensuring your garden always looks in prime condition. SUGGESTION: Spray an extra coat of Landscape Lock on to mulch under trees at the end of summer to ensure mulch stays put while falling leaves can be blown away.
  • Can water pass through Landscape Lock?
    Landscape Lock forms a protective film only around mulch fragments; it does not seal the spaces between them thus the mulch performs exactly as it would if not coated, with water, nutrients and air permeating freely to the soil.
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