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Garden Box is able to assist in getting products to your required location:

Local Truck Delivery

We operate a range of trucks that are ideal for local delivery.   
When planning the delivery consider access:
- height under the eves of the house
- slope of driveway
- soft ground


Direct Supply

To take costs out of the supply chain large scale jobs Garden Box can coordinate direct bulk shipment from the compost manufactures or quarries.
Garden Box team will assess the access suitability for the access of the Articulated Trucks


Bag Options

Sometimes access can be difficult.  We are able to provide products in bags suitable to be carried by a single person or a  sling bag (1 tonne) which can be lifted into hard to reach places.
We can also organise for a "Tail Lift" delivery by Mainfrieght Metro - suited for pavers and bagged products.
Talk to the Garden Box team about your requirements.