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❤️ Love your Lawn - Lawn Topdressing ❤️

Improve your lawn health by adding a thin layer of our Lawn Topdressing this Autumn.

Lawn Topdressing Mix $44 per scoop ($125.40 per m3)

Topdressing Mix is a mix of sand and fine compost - the sand content helps to relevel your lawn while the compost gives it a boost.

Spread around 10 to 15mm on your existing lawn and rake in to ensure evenly distributed. Water in to settle in and hold in place. One scoop will treat approx. 25 to 30m2

Topdressing is recommended after Scarifying (de-thatching) and Aeration (coring). If you don’t have the time to scarify or aerate just spread over the existing lawn if will make a world of difference.

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