The Tasman Selection

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Want something different? These decorative stones from the Tasman District offer a distinctive range of colours for your Garden:

Riwaka Gold Marble chip with tones of cream, gold, grey and brown. A slight sparkle in the sun, with warm tones, soft and creating interest. - Size options 13mm & 20mm - Scoop $87 / m3 $282.15

Black Marble Chunky marble chip from the top of the South Island. Dark grey and silver tones, with marble flecks of white that sparkle in the sun. Something a little different and sophisticated.

- Size options 8-20mm & 20-40mm - Scoop $99 / m3 $247.95

Caramel Chip This is a dolomite lime chip from the Nelson region. Shades of white, cream, gold, caramel and grey form a great backdrop to your gardens - Size 15-30mm - Scoop $110 / m3 $313.50

These decorative stones are great for pathways, around pavers, courtyards, water features, planter pots and gardens. The smaller grades are fantastic in permeable paving.

"Create Better Gardens with Garden Box!"

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