Firewood & Fire Pellets

Garden Box is able to deliver Firewood and Fire Pellets under the essential service category during the lockdown.


FIRE PELLETS (good stock levels)

  • 15kg bags @ $9.95 per bag – minimum order of 20 bags (delivery fee applies based on location)

FIREWOOD – (limited supply)

  • Pine Offcuts - $60 per m3

  • Beech - $165 per m3


Delivery current wait time is 2-3 days for delivery.


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Pine Off Cuts (kiln dried)

Low cost - fast heat!

$25 Scoop


$60 m3


Made from untreated pine off-cuts from timber production.

These blocks are kiln dried during the manufacturing process and is stored undercover by Garden Box.

To get the best value out of your off cuts, use them to get the fire started and establish a good base, then add medium (Corsican) or hard wood (beech).  Consider a mixed load for this winter.

Corsican (kiln dried)
Easy to light - longer lasting

$45 Scoop


$135 m3

Corsican (kiln dried) is a great new addition to our range – this product has processed and kiln dried by our firewood partner City Firewood.

Corsican looks like a cross between Pine and Larch and burns like Macrocarpa.  Corsican has a high density and outperformed many of medium woods in City Firewoods tests.

Easy to light, long lasting and fantastic heat – if you are looking for a low cost medium wood Corsican is a great option.

WOOD SIZE - firewood is cut to 10 - 12 inches (approx 30cm),

Give it a go you will not be disappointed 

Sold Out

Beech Firewood (air dry)
Hardwood - Slow Hot Burning

$55 Scoop


$165 m3

Native Beech hardwood is an ideal option with excellent burning properties! A dense hardwood that burns long and hot with very little spark, ideal for users who rely on wood fires as their main heating source.



  • Hot thermal value.

  • Long burn time.

  • Burns at very consistent temperature.

  • Contains little resin, reducing the chance of creosote build-up in your chimney.

  • Burns clean and safe, producing very little spark.


Sourced from the West Coast – this product has been air dried and is stored undercover by Garden Box.

Blue Gum
Hardwood - Slow Hot Burning

$53.50 Scoop


$160.50 m3

High density means that each piece of wood has more energy waiting to be released when compared to soft or medium woods.

It burns for longer, and it burns hotter, and although more expensive per load, will last much longer, and works out to be very cost effective in the long run.

Currently sourced from North Canterbury. Well dried and seasoned.

Sold Out

onfire Wood Pellets (15kg)
Intense Heat with Low Ash.

$10.95 for 1 to 5 bags


$9.95 for 6+ bags

Convenient 15kg bag for great value and quick carrying.  
Premium, high quality product for a hot burn and a very warm home.

Delivery - Min order 20 bags.

DEFERRED PAYMENT – to help spread the cost we now have Genoapay and Afterpay deferred payment plans in place – up to 10 weeks interest free! More information here.


  • We can deliver or you can pick up.

  • Boot loads welcome.

  • Hire trailers $5 per hour.

Proud to be an Environment Canterbury approved Good Wood Merchant and WINZ approved supplier.