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Claim your share of $5,000

“Learn, Experiment and Grow”

Recipients from 2018

We would like to thank all involved in this promotion we are very pleased to have received so many “claims” and provided over 50 awards.  Claim Your Share will return in October 2019.

Round 1 Draw Winners:

Heathcote Valley School – Kids are building a greenhouse out of plastic bottles.

Wigram Primary School – getting ready for a move to new location and want Garden Box Plus for the new veggie garden.

Blossoms Educare Rolleston – revitalising small planter boxes that the kids helped to make

Kidsfirst Kindergartens NZ Woolley St - teaching kids about kaitiakitanga and sending fresh veggies home.

Salisbury A.B.C – strawberries and sunflowers

Rangi Ruru Preschool – boxed vege garden for kids to raise their own plants

Te Kohanga Reo O Oterepo – teaching the tamariki about planting and growing their own strawberries, lettuces and herbs

Springs Community Early Learning Centre – teaching kids about their responsibilities of being guardians of the earth.

Banks peninsula plunket community preschool – redeveloping after the earthquake rebuild.

Barnardos Te Puna Oraka Early Learning Center – wanted a few bucket loads for their 36 kids

Cotswold Preschool and Nursery – need to top up their 6 planter boxes

Kidsfirst Kindergarten Papanui – replacing poor soil in their planter boxes


Round 2 Draw Winners:

Halswell Primary School – need to boost the soil post the rebuild. Produce is used for cooking / eating on our “Fun Fridays”.
Kindercare Learning Centres Aidanfield – want to share the experience of gardening with his mates.
The Rabbit Patch Preschool - Memorial Ave – need to replenish garden after naughty rabbits have made a mess.
BestStart Waltham Kindy – want new gardens for their 45 children
Avonhead Montessori Preschool and Nursery – teaching kids to respect the earth.
Little Beans Preschool – growing swan plants to encourage butterflies in the garden
Lincoln Primary School – topping up the edible garden looked after by the “Enviro Heroes”
Hagley Community Preschool – growing veges and berry fruits, helping families new to NZ understand.
Kidditech Early Learning Centre – need to top up the garden box’s
Westburn School – supporting the 22 kids in the garden club and a landscape project in front of 3 classrooms.
BestStart Burnside – teaching the kids where food comes from.
Halswell Nest Early Learning Centre – getting ready for summer with topping up their raised beds.



Round 3 Draw Winners:

Hillview Christian School At NZ – need to rejuvenate soil for their garden club.

The Lighthouse Preschool – want to create a natural corner with a boat and other cool things for the kids.

Spreydon Baptist Community Early Learning Centre – focus on caring for and learning in the natural world.

Whales Tales Preschool Montessori Preschool – want to establish a small easy-care garden to learn how to care for the environment.

The Enchanted Garden Early Childhood Centre –support the children’s love to explore, grow and understand what happens next.

Somerfield Playcentre – great veggie garden with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, silverbeet, chives etc.

Beststart Buchanans Road – bring nature and plants to their learning environment so children can grow plants together.

Cotswold School School – the Enviro Team looks after their garden site with composting, planting, weeding etc.

Bright Beginnings Montessori Preschool and Nursery – use big tyres to build gardens and will establish more edible plants.

Fundamentals Preschool and Nursery Merivale – planter boxes with fruit and vegies.

Tai Tapu Playcentre – will use the Garden Box Plus towards setting up garden beds established after the centre rebuild.

Tamariki School – need to fill the recently rebuilt garden boxes to grow strawberries, lettuces, beans, peas, silverbeet and pumpkins – “anything the kids will eat”

Lemonwood Grove School – expanding the “urban farm” which includes hens, lambs and a small orchard.


Final Draw Winners 11 Dec 2018:

Diamond Harbour School – need to refill the “bath” garden and feed the plans for the giant pumpkin competition.

Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo – “Greenville” the schools gardening area.

Portobelo Preschools and Nurseries – needed a top up for the kids garden.

Ararira Springs Primary – new school in Lincoln and is committed to being an Enviroschool.

Tino e Tasi Preschool Christchurch – getting the kids started early, even the under 2’s have got involved.

BestStart Kaiapoi – Need some product to fill the empty garden planters

South Hornby School – need to top up their 80m2 of raised gardens.

Shirley First Learners – supporting the Children’s interest in gardening and growing their own food.

TKKM o Te Whanau Tahi – re-establish the school’s gardens as part of the healthy start program.

St Bernadette's School, Christchurch – need to revitalise the school’s gardens, produce grown is distributed to the children and their families to help get the 5 plus a day!

Rolleston Christian School – Maintain their “food forest” and working towards Silver accreditation for EnviroSchool.

YMCA Bishopdale Early Learning Centre – always looking for new ways to become more sustainable and do their part to care for the environment.

BestStart Pioneer – Tamariki love watching the fruit grow and especially eating it.

West Rolleston Primary School – Kids get to understand the plant to plate process.

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